Website Designs for Restaurants

Website Designs for Restaurants

We Specialize in Websites for Restaurants! 

RestaurantWebsiteDesign.US specializes in creating websites for restaurants in the United States of America.  Here at Restaurant Website Design, you (the local restaurant owner / manager) are our singular focus.

We Will Make Your Website Work For You!

Whether you own or manage a small cafe or coffee shop or a formal, fine dining restaurant, we are here to make your website work for you. 

Making your restaurant website work for you means developing and marketing it in such a way that it fills the chairs in your dining rooms.

Traditional, Mobile & Responsive Website Designs

Regardless of your tastes or the needs of your target, we can develop a website that will work for you.

Traditional website designs are those that are developed for a target that primarily uses deskop, laptop or larger pads.  We can do this for your restaurant if that is what you want. 

Our traditional or conventional restaurant website design will function on mobile devices, but it will not be not "mobile friendly." 

We strongly advise, therefore, that you consider creating an mobile version as well if you choose this style of website development for your restaurant.

Mobile website designs are created specifically for mobile browsers, especially and in particular iphones, droids and similar hand-held devices.  We develop our mobile sites using iconic navigation (much like a mobile app) and use the WURFL call to recogize the user device to redirect to the mobile version of the site.

Responsive website designs are those that use cascading style sheets and other scripting that enables the site to respond to the size of the browser and display content differently depending upon the screen size.

They are more difficult to develop, a bit more difficult to maintain, and create just a few design restrictions, but are a great choice.  If you choose a responsive website design for your restaurant, it will work on ANY browswer of any size and will require that you maintain only one website.