Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design: Click on any Question Below to Reveal the Answer

How do you go about website design?

We start with a free consultation to discover the needs, desires and expectation of our potential clients.

We talk with them about their budgets:

  1. For initial setup (website design or development)
  2. For ongoing maintenance and marketing

We can work within any budget.

We then create a free, custom website demonstration for them to review.  If they like it, they can buy it.  If they don't like it, they are not obligated. 

We assume all of the risk for creating a website that is within our clients budget and one that they like enough to buy. 

What is the most important thing to consider concerning website design?

Your audience.

The most important thing to consider concerning website design is who you are designing your website for.

Your website should not be designed to suit yourself or your website developer.

Your website should be designed to reach your target with your message, which includes a well-thought and fully developed means of convincing your target audience to take a prescribed action.

How can I ensure that my website works well for me?

To ensure that your website works well for you:

  1. Have written expectations & goals.
  2. Make sure your site is created in a way to serve your target market.
  3. Have clearly defined "conversion vehicles."
  4. Be willing to pay enough to see your expectations and goals realized.