Results.  You probably believe that results are the bottom line.

So do we.

We know that "the proof is in the pudding" and the proof is results.

That is why we ask you what your expectations are when you are completing the free website demo form.   We must know what results you are expecting from the work we do for you.

Phone Consult

After you complete the form requesting your free website demo, we will follow-up with a no-cost, complimentary phone consult to further clarify your expectations and offer advice when appropriate.

How Do We Achieve Results?

We are not merely "professionals" in website development and internet marketing, we are EXPERTS.

A professional may also be a novice.  All that is required to be considered a "pro" is to be paid for what you do.  There are LOTS of website developers that are "professionals" in that sense that are also novices.  They may have very limited experience and even more limited knowledge and still get paid for what they do.

When you work with us, you are working with experts in website development and internet marketing.

We have far beyond the necessary education, training and experience that it takes to know how to achieve the results that you desire.

We Cannot ALWAYS Achieve the Results that you Expect


In some cases, no one can.

If your expectations are unrealistic, we will let you know.

Sometimes, you simply can't afford it.

This is especially true when you may be expecting "page 1 google" for the most generic keyword phrases or even keyword phrases that include geographic elements in a highly competitive market.

If your competitors are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to achieve and maintain their rank in organic search engine results, it is not likely that you can compete with 50% of their budget, for example.

Don't despair.  This doesn't mean that you cannot compete or that we cannot help.  If your budget is not adequate to achieve your expectations, we can often suggest other ways to approach your target(s).

Sometimes (Rarely), what you need we simply cannot provide.

In such cases, we will try to refer you to another reputable company that can meet your needs.

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