Website Development Technology

Website Development Technology

Our websites are built using our own advanced, proprietary technology via  what we call theme sets, which are easily configured to accommodate  almost any layout, and use cascading style sheets to ensure attractive,  consistent and compliant sites.

Utilizing PHP and MYSQL,  our sites combine the best of database driven solutions and static HTML  code, resulting in pages that are published as HTML with .php file  extensions.  This facilitates the use of literally thousands of readily  available scripts and programs that will seamlessly integrate into any  page or an entire site using a tiny PHP include.

What is the Difference Between A Template and A Theme Set?

First, let us explain the similarities - that makes it easier to understand the difference.

To  begin with, every properly developed website is created from a  "template" of sorts.  Even if we go back to the days of hand-coding HTML  with notepad, the first thing that was done was to make a "template".

A website template is like the frame  of a house.  You simply cannot build a house without starting with the  frame (I know some of you builders will say "the foundation", but this  is just for illustrative purposes).

The frame of a house is going  to be a defining factor of the shape of the house, and a website  template or a theme is going to do the same thing: define the shape of  the website.

We are convinced that we need to keep our  developments within standardized, common conventions.  This conviction  will mean that you will typically see navigation at the top of the page  or left side and often repeated at the bottom.  We do have more themes  that have a sub-navigational box on the right again, since the  introduction of social media has made widget content boxes a more common  component.

What Makes Our Theme Sets Better?

Our system is not simply different, it is indeed better!

To  begin with, a standard template is confining (rigid) and does not allow  for very much alteration.  This is due to the nature of their static  distribution. 

Pajezy Theme Sets are Fluid

On the other  hand, pajezy themesets are fluid.  They allow for quick and easy  adjustments to accommodate the changing needs of our clients without  mandating a new design!

It was previously stated that standard  conventions mandate navigation at the top or left side of the page.   However, with pajezy, we could put the navigation in the very center of a  website if we wanted to.  We could, but we won't.  The point is, you  can't do that with a the typical template-based website generators. 

Pajezy Theme Sets are Friendly

Even  though our technology is proprietary, the published result (your  website) is lean and clean and compliant HTML code.  You can take it and  edit it with any popular website editing software - so if we keep your  business it is simply because we deserve it!

Any pajezy user can download their entire site with a single click and publish it via FTP to any server.

As  mentioned earlier, you can install one or more of many thousand php  scripts or programs and they will easily and seamlessly integrate into  your website.

Pajezy Theme sets are SEO Powerful

Running in the background of the pajezy program is our technology that does the elemental SEO for each page distributed on the fly.    There are no tricks here and nothing "black hat" - just all of the  things that should be done - and they are done automatically.

This makes our sites extremely SEO friendly.  Our program was created to do this.  (You don't get this with templated sites!)

Additionally,  pajezy has an exclusive license to what we believe is the most powerful  on-site, advanced SEO suite that has ever been developed.  You can't  get this unless you are a pajezy user.  (Additional fee require for this service).